The Channel Islands Billfish Tournament was started in 1970 as a spin-off of the Channel Islands Angling Club and for ten years was known as the Channel Islands Invitational Broadbill Tournament.  Only broadbill swordfish were targeted in the seventies and the largest one ever taken was 443 lbs. caught in 1975 by Ted Naftzger.  The last swordfish caught in the tourney was taken by Eve Radon in 1978 and it weighed 336 lbs.

In 1980 marlin were added to the tourney to spice things up, and it was then that this event became known as the Channel Islands Billfish Tournament.  Since then, many marlin have been caught and many others released.

The C.I.B.T. is unique because it is a relatively small tournament fished primarily by local anglers.  The competition among boats is only exceeded by the camaraderie shared between crews.
"Early photo of Zane Grey and one of the first large swordfish caught off Catalina Island, California, where big game fishing in the United States began."