1. This is a catch and release tournament with the exception of swordfish. All catches must be in accordance with C.I.B.T. rules and regulations and the I.G.F.A. rules that are specified herein.

  2. The tournament will begin at 7:00 a.m. with a radio start just outside the Channel Islands Harbor entrance. Boats that are unable to participate in the radio start must check in with the Dawn Patrol before they start fishing. Boats leaving before 7:00 a.m. Saturday must check in with a committee boat by 10:00 a.m. and will be required to wait until 11:00 a.m. on Saturday to start fishing.

  3. All fish must be taken on rod and reel. Leaders are limited to 30 feet overall length. Double line may be used, but the combined length of double line and leader must not exceed 40 feet. There is no restriction on the breaking strength of a leader. The use of firearms, harpoon, or entangling devices is prohibited. Artificial lures with skirts or trailing material shall not have more than 2 single hooks attached to the line or leader and must conform to IGFA rules. For live or dead bait fishing, no more than 2 single hooks may be used and must conform to IGFA rules. Both hooks must be firmly imbedded in or securely attached to the bait.

  4. Tournament boundaries are Santa Rosa Island to the Mexican border.

  5. All hook-ups must be reported to a committee boat at the earliest possible time and all releases and boated fish must be reported in the same timely manner. Grid coordinates shall be reported during or immediately after releasing the fish. Failure to do so will result in the disqualification of the fish. It is the responsibility of every captain to have the necessary information, e.g., tournament channel, alternate channel, cell phone numbers of committee boats, and the names of other boats in the tourney so information can be relayed to committee boats from other tourney boats. All captains are expected to have this information at their disposal in order to comply with this regulation.

  6. If a hook-up takes place close to the stop-fishing time it must immediately be reported to a committee boat prior to the stop-fishing time. Upon boating, releasing or losing the fish a committee boat must be informed of the outcome immediately.

  7. If a boat in the tournament becomes disabled the anglers on this boat may transfer only to another boat or boats that are already entered in the tournament. This change must be reported to and approved by a committee boat prior to the transfer of anglers.

  8. All passengers on all boats must be paid entries in the tournament. Non-angler spouses, non-angler children under 15 years old, and other special circumstances a boat may have regarding their passengers may qualify for acceptable non-paid entries. These entries must be included in the tournament entry form and must be approved by the tournament directors before the end of the kick-off dinner on Friday.

  9. Released fish must be photographed or videoed showing the fish at leader to qualify for the awards. After a released fish has been photographed or videoed and the release has been called in to a committee boat relating the grid area of the fish taken or released, the captain must take a photograph of his GPS showing the time and date of his release.

  10. Photos and or videos must be emailed or text messaged to one of the tournament directors at least 24 hours prior to the awards dinner in order to qualify. Contact information will be provided.

  11. Boated swordfish are to be weighed-in at PCYC in CIH or at the Avalon pier. Fish must be brought in to the weigh station from the boat that landed it.

  12. Any protest relative to the weight of a fish must be made before the fish is removed from the dock. Any protest regarding tackle or method of catching a fish must be made to a tournament director within 24 hours of the fish being landed or released.

  13. The following acts or situations will disqualify a catch:
    a. Failure to follow tournament rules
    b. Failure to possess a valid California fishing license.
    c. Having on board equipment used for harpooning, netting or similar d. commercial fishing gear.
    e. Fishing with the aid of an airplane or drone.

  14. Awards:
    There are two different award categories and boats are eligible to win only one award. The grand prize will be awarded for the largest swordfish boated. First, Second and Third place awards will be given to the boats that release the most fish first.

  15. A captain’s meeting will be held during the kick-off party.  At least one person from each boat must attend this meeting.